Website Content Unlocks the Door to Success for Your Website

Great Web Content can help you succeed

It’s not easy to compete online for consumers’ attention. People have a short attention span online (I like to call it online ADHD) and they’re picky. That’s why good content for your website is so important. It needs to do many things:

  • SEO. Content needs to get your website listed on search engine results pages
  • Pique interest. It has to convince people browsing the SERPs to click
  • Grab! It has to grab their attention when they land on your page
  • Drive results. What people find on your page needs to compel them to act.


Website content helps you optimize for search engines and can help you save money on marketing. The right search engine optimization elements will result in your getting listed under search terms that your target audience is searching for. Organic SEO results equate to the best way to attract consumers to your website.

Getting found is the first step.

Meta Data:

There are usually at least 10 (or more when you count sponsored ads) results on the first page of each search someone performs. It’s not enough to simply be listed first. You’ve got a few lines of text on those search engine results pages to convince people to click your link. Content counts in meta data.

Getting a click is the second step.

Make Sure they Don’t Bounce!

When you look at your web traffic reports, what’s your bounce rate? The bounce equals the percentage of people that leave the same page they’ve entered on. A high bounce rate signifies not meeting the needs of the visitor.

So, you got the visitor to your page. Something made them click. But when they got to your website, something went awry and didn’t ‘click’. What happened?

Your content didn’t deliver.

It’s not easy to meet the needs of the search engines and the reader. It takes a delicate approach to accomplish all of the above things.

People have choices. They exercise their right to choose suppliers and the content you publish can help you demonstrate your expertise.

Web content quality matters. Google continually tweaks their algorithms so that they deliver quality results to their customers.  Ways to game the system with content are going the way of the Dodo.

Content trends are indicative of the fact that web content matters more than ever.

Content marketing trends include:

  • ebooks
  • whitepapers
  • Infographics

These trends illustrate the fact that readers want to be informed buyers. Websites who use quality website content to inform their readers have a greater chance of capturing more customers.

Web Content Tips:

  • Write informative web content. Make quality a higher priority than SEO.
  • Listen to your readers’ actions. Analyse traffic reports and user behaviour to help you produce more content.
  • Publish regularly. Websites that publish continuously, such as with business blog posts, get more leads, have better search engine rankings, and build relationships with their customers. Relationship building can equate to authority in your niche, brand loyalty, and word of mouth marketing success.

Need help creating web content that will help you succeed? Contact me. I’m a website content writer with more than 6 years of online marketing experience.


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