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Spider Food Recipes – How to Give Google Spiders What they Want

Do Google SEO spiders find what’s on your website appetizing, tasty, and satisfying? Google SEO is a tough nut to crack. As soon as you think you’ve got the hang of it, Google mixes things up with a new algorithm update. You see, it’s not meant to make your life miserable — really, it’s not. […]

SEO Web Content – What Should You Write About?

Content is king in the world of SEO. Writing regular web content will help you reach your goal of attracting search engines, attracting targeted visitors, and of converting visitors into customers.  Fresh SEO content, on a regular basis, will do great things for your website.  But what should you write about? It can be a […]

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Build Better Customer Relationships Through Website Content

In  today’s B2B and B2C relationships, people don’t just buy based on desire or on pricing alone. People often base many of their buying decisions  on relationships they’ve developed with a brand. If you remember this when you do your marketing online, it will serve you well. Relationships can be built online many ways but […]