Are You Overlooking Opportunities to Boost Conversion Rates?

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In your inbound marketing / content marketing strategy are you continually looking for ways to boost conversion rates? By doing so, you maximize the potential to benefit from every visitor to your website.  By looking at the pages that generate the most traffic, you can look to see if you are, in fact, appealing to your target audience.  And by looking at pages that are not generating traffic, you can also optimize them and boost your chances of success.


Optimizing Blogs and Content Pages

A certain blog post gets a lot of incoming traffic. What do people do when they land on that page? Do they click through to another part of your website? Or, do they often leave that page? If the latter of the two is the answer, then perhaps you aren’t providing enough incentive for them to dig deeper into your website.  Every page on your site creates an opportunity to build a relationship. Things you can do include:

  • Improve the copywriting so that you do a better job of converting the reader into a customer.
  • Add banners and  / or links to the page to ensure that the reader is enticed into doing something on the page
  • Add an opt-in to the page. Even if the reader doesn’t plan to buy today, if you can get them to opt in to receiving future communications from you then you’re leaving the door to relationship-building open.

Looking at SEO Keywords

It’s also advantageous to look at your keyword rankings. Whether you are ranking for specific phrases in organic search results because that’s what your strategy included or, by chance, you suddenly rank well for a specific phrase it’s important to look at what that ranking can actually do for your business.

  • Does your web copy correspond well to people searching for that term?
  • Where are you ranking well?
  • Where could you improve?

Focusing More Efforts on Off Page SEO and Social Marketing

Are you getting good results from a certain social networking site, are you getting great results from press releases, or from guest blog posting? By examining your website analytics reports you can see where the outside traffic is coming from. In addition to striving for organic SEO results from the likes of Google, Bing, etc, you can see where there are opportunities for more growth.


  • If you’re getting a lot of traffic from Twitter, you’ll know to do more Twitter posting.
  • If you’re seeing good conversion rates and /or opt-in rates via guest blogging, you’ll know to dedicate more time and resources to this effort.

Conversely, if you’ve been spending a lot of time on press release syndication and it isn’t bearing much fruit you’ll know to either look closer at the way you’re approaching this marketing method and either improve it or focus fewer resources on it.

Your Website Traffic Reports are Invaluable

Web analytics are crucial. Every website traffic report tells a story.  You can leverage that information to continually tighten up your efforts, capitalize on what’s working, and maximize the potential of every visitor that lands on your website.

Conversion Rate Matters to SEO

Increasingly, search engines factor conversion rate into rankings. If you finally achieve the milestone of ranking in the top spots for highly competitive key phrases in your niche, it’s not time to rest on your laurels. You’ll need to ensure you actively work to keep conversion rates high on the ranking pages. Search engines will not continue to send traffic to a page with a high bounce rate.





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