Is Your Website Bleeding Money?

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Does your website generate money for your business?

A website should be a source of information for your customers, should be a source of leads for your business; it should be a source of profit for you because it generates leads as well as helps you manage relationships with customers.  But if you aren’t actively working on your website it could bleed money.

Okay, so it might not be expensive to manage so it probably won’t bleed money in that way (unless you have a marketing campaign in progress that’s ineffective and expensive) but it could bleed money in the sense that the way you handle it results in lost opportunities. Your site could be bringing you leads and opportunities but you could be missing them.

Signs Your Website a Place of Lost Opportunities:

  1. You aren’t actively working to boost conversion rates
  2. Your site misses the boat by not having clear calls to action
  3. You aren’t trying to get visitors to opt in to future communications
  4. You don’t know where traffic is coming from
  5. You aren’t sure why you’re getting traffic but site rankings / inquiries/ leads / sales (etc.) aren’t looking good.
Every visitor to your site equals an opportunity for you. It might be a long sales cycle.  Or your call to action may not be strong enough.  Every visitor also might not result in a sale but could have other positive affects. The thing is, you need to know what’s happening with your site in order to make the most of it. How do you do that?
Things to do Regularly with Your Website:
  • Assess traffic reports. And then action them.
  • Continually strive to boost traffic and conversion rates. Do not rest on your laurels.
  • Update your website regularly. Do this with business blog posts, inbound linking strategies, etc.
  • Continually review your SEO and online marketing strategy.
  • Make sure you’re not only thinking about SEO rankings. Thing about bounce rate, conversion rate optimization, etc.
  • Check out your top competitors to see what they’re doing on their website.
  • Attempt to appeal to existing customers as well as generate leads to get new ones.
SEO and online marketing need to be an ongoing effort. When was the last time you posted new content, analyzed your website traffic reports, and took an objective look at your website? Do that regularly and you could start to see more success with your site than ever.

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