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Spider Food Recipes – How to Give Google Spiders What they Want

Do Google SEO spiders find what’s on your website appetizing, tasty, and satisfying? Google SEO is a tough nut to crack. As soon as you think you’ve got the hang of it, Google mixes things up with a new algorithm update. You see, it’s not meant to make your life miserable — really, it’s not. […]

SEO Success Starts with Great SEO Writing

Succeeding in getting ranked for target keyword phrases on Google and other search engines can be a very good thing. Getting ranked can help you get found by people who could become customers. And getting ranked organically can help you lower your total cost of marketing and customer acquisition because you won’t have to pay […]

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Don’t Hire Cheap Writers

Content writing does have an associated cost but don’t make the mistake of thinking that cheap web content will suffice. Chances are that if you use cheap writing you’ll get limited results with it. Cheap  web content won’t likely help you generate sales and could even hurt your SEO efforts with Google. Well-crafted web content, […]