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SEO ABC’s: Guest Post by Sharon Housley

Here’s a great checklist for your site’s SEO! Follow the ABC’s of search engine optimization: A – Alt Tags All images should include ALT tags. The ALT attribute in HTML is used for three main reasons: the ALT tag provides further details about an image or hyperlinked graphic, the ALT Tags enhances web access for […]

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Is Your Online Business Recession Proof?

If you’re in the world of internet business, you know it can have ups and downs and can go from feast to famine to feast again.  When you’re in a bit of a famine, it can be jarring; especially if you work full-time on the Internet. While no business is typically recession proof, here are […]

Are There SEO Rules For Writing Web Copy?

Are there SEO rules to keep in mind when you write articles or web copy?  Good question and one without a straight answer.  You’ll find many who suggest specific keyword density, LSI silo writing, keyword proximity rules and the like.  The best approach is to do your best to write good copy first.  After the […]