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Hire an Internet Marketing Writer and Increase Your Revenue

Are you looking for help succeeding with your internet marketing efforts? It’d be helpful, at times, to be able to clone yourself, wouldn’t it? (Without your clone turning all evil like they inevitably do in the movies, of course…) Hire an Internet Marketing Writer Consider hiring a writer who has worked extensively in the world […]

Dana Prince Writing Services Update Q3 2009 – I Love This Career

Being a writer-for-hire and internet marketing consultant is an interesting and rewarding career for me. I’ve been doing this since early 2006 and love what I do. I get to help many different clients reach their goals and enhance my own knowledge while I do it. Some of my clients are very established and know […]

Summer Time – A Great Time for YOU to Make More Money Online

Summer time is a great time to build your online business! The best way to avoid a lull is to work at diversifying your income sources *before* things get slow. Itt could be an ultra productive time and position you well for a busy fall season. It could be a great time to build your business and increase your potential success.