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Hire an Internet Marketing Writer and Increase Your Revenue

Are you looking for help succeeding with your internet marketing efforts? It’d be helpful, at times, to be able to clone yourself, wouldn’t it? (Without your clone turning all evil like they inevitably do in the movies, of course…) Hire an Internet Marketing Writer Consider hiring a writer who has worked extensively in the world […]

Business Blogging Tips – Optimizing Your Image Tags

Business blogging is smart for businesses. It is something that can continuously drive traffic to your site via direct and indirect methods. When search engines see regular content updates for your site, their spiders will continue to visit and index you, which will drive new traffic your way. When those spiders crawl the new content, […]

Writing Testimonial – Get Indexed Fast

I love getting a glowing testimonial.  It really makes my day. Who doesn’t want to get it in writing when their client thinks they’ve done a great job?  Testimonials can be powerful in terms of helping you prove to your prospective clients that your products or services are worth investing in. Last week I had […]