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Anatomy of an Effective Blog Post

Blogging sounds like a simple solution for getting more website traffic, for continuous keyword optimization, and for strategic authority and relationship building. But not all blogs are great. Great blog posts have quite a few good attributes. Get as many of those attributes into each and every blog post you write and your blog could become a great source of success for you.

Should Your Business Blog Publish Evergreen or Current Content?

Wondering whether to write online content that’s current or evergreen? Why not do both? There are definite pros to using both current and evergreen content on your business blog and website. Read on for information to help you see how each of these web content strategies could help you with your website content, search engine […]

Business Blogging Tips – Optimizing Your Image Tags

Business blogging is smart for businesses. It is something that can continuously drive traffic to your site via direct and indirect methods. When search engines see regular content updates for your site, their spiders will continue to visit and index you, which will drive new traffic your way. When those spiders crawl the new content, […]