Are There SEO Rules For Writing Web Copy?

Are there SEO rules to keep in mind when you write articles or web copy?  Good question and one without a straight answer.  You’ll find many who suggest specific keyword density, LSI silo writing, keyword proximity rules and the like.  The best approach is to do your best to write good copy first.  After the copy is written, tweak it for SEO.

If the copy isn’t compelling, no one will buy what you’re selling.  Regardless of how many people the search engines drive to your website, your conversion rates will not get past single digits unless the copy helps the visitor see the big picture and the benefits to buying what you’re selling.  SEO is secondary.

A good rule of thumb is to aim for relevancy when you tweak your copy for search engines.  If you look at your page like a search engine, look for words that really stand out. Look at the beginning of your copy and again at the end.  Look at the title, the meta tag and the subheadings.  And then, look for related words as well.  You want it to be glaringly obvious to the search engines that your site is relevant to a particular topic.

If you’re getting a high number of visitors and not a high number of customers, it’s time to change your copy.  Likewise, if you’re getting decent sales but low visitors, it’s time to tweak your SEO. Try these  ideas to help you with your problem:

Low Visitors with High Sales

Add a new meta description and keyword rich title. Integrate some more relevant keywords into your content. Use a keyword research tool to help you.  A great one that’s free is:  SEO keyword tools.

 High Search Engine Traffic and Low Conversion Rates

If this is your problem, you need to tweak your copy.  Your SEO is great but your copy ain’t so hot.  If you don’t want to hire a writer,  read some article writing tips and write for your target audience.

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