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How Keyword Dense Does My Web Content Need to Be?

Are you struggling with your web content or SEO articles in terms of keyword density? You may have heard a magical number of how many keywords to use or how dense your articles should be. If not, perhaps you’ve heard that keyword placement, latent semantic indexing, keyword silos, or keyword proximity are important. You’ll read […]

SEO Secrets: Using Your Stats To Improve Your Rankings

In the quest to improve your SEO, don’t discount the power of your stats software. Google Analytics or AWStats should be studied religiously to help you figure out what you’re already doing right so you can expand on that. Don’t just use the stats to figure out what traffic you’re getting but also use it […]

SEO Trends: Utilising LSI and The Long Tail

Should you follow every SEO trend and fad in the internet marketing world? It would be difficult to keep up! Should you keep up to date on the latest news and trends? Absolutely! Google changes the rules all the time and being in on the ground floor of something new can often get you some […]

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